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No user friendly install package

Comment by Windows2000
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I'm new to Mac but an extreme Windows power user for over 20 years. I couldn't find a method to install GSmartControl without downloading the source and doing a make and install to compile it. Ridiculous in this day and age. What a shame because it looks like good software.

Some clever programmer will package this up and put it on the Mac App Store for a buck and make a nice coin.


Thanks, Protron! Forgive the inexperience/ignorance, but what to do once .deb file downloaded. I did so, but don't see anything that looks like the dozens (hundreds?) of programs I've downloaded on Mac and PC before.


Sorry ted939, I have no idea why I wrote that 2 years ago. But you seem to have a good point. Deleting my previous post so people don't get confused. Thanks for replying.

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