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Super-Simple, Reliable Screen Sharing & Video Calling

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I'm a designer and frequently need to share screens with clients to chat through the specifics of a new website or design. Gruveo makes this process so much easier. When using other screen sharing software programs in the past, I'd always have to spend the first five minutes of most calls helping the client figure out where to download the software extension or reading back annoying nine digit codes. Gruveo eliminates all of that hassle because it works across every browser I've tried it on and doesn't require the person you're sharing/meeting with to have an account or download a program. It just works, which makes calling with technically in-adept clients so much easier.

I'd recommend Gruveo to anyone who doesn't want technology to get in the way of doing business. Five stars, awesome program.



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High quilty video call, special way to call your friends I would definitely recommend it.