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Ludicrously bad

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There's not a single good reason to use this program. Since you're on this website, I strongly recommend that you consider the alternatives.


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it is Preinstalled on Windows 10 but it runs very slow and often timed out, it also has spammy message of groove music pass


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Alright before you roast me because of my star count please consider what I have to say.

Groove Music is preinstalled to every Windows 10 PC and of course, being from Microsoft and all, it has always been shamed and compared to its predecessor WMP (Windows Media Player, which is obviously discontinued and its painfully not optimized and has not been updated since 2009)

To be honest, there are some benefits to using Groove Music:

  1. Now that Groove Music Pass has been discontinued, it is actually a pretty clean music player
  2. The UI isn't that bad and honestly it looks pretty nice.
  3. It's probably the one of the best windows media players out there as of time of writing.
  4. There were articles that Groove Music was actually the best music player in terms of performance and battery consumption (in fact, it even surpassed VLC). However, I can't really find the articles that I have mentioned now.

Of course, it has its cons. And there are a lot (though for me, I can only list a few):

  1. Due to its simple design, there is just not much functionality.
  2. NO VISUALS LIKE WMP (Man I swear that was one of the main reasons I was so stubborn to leave WMP)
  3. It is from Microsoft, of course I have my skepticism about privacy and stuff

To sum up, Groove Music is a decent music player. It just works. But it won't suit the taste of those who want more functionality and for those who don't like Microsoft in general.