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The software is somewhat annoying but the tagging feature is advance and time economic still there could be automation and better better generated graph its not very insight aggregation. Most what's show in te graph isn't inspirational or useful. Maybe integrations could make them useful.

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Grindstone's ease of use and built-in reporting capabilities easily makes this a fantastic free tool widely used throughout my organization. Time sheet aggregation that comes at a fairly steep cost unfortunately cost this application a star.


Still one of the best, but....

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I've used Grindstone for years. Started using it back when Grindstone 2 was a puppy.

Grindstone 2 has a killer feature called "autopilot."
When autopilot is active, Grindstone logs the window title of every single window you open. (And the entry includes the exact time that the window was opened, remained focused, and then lost focus/was closed.)

(And yes, you can dial down the number of windows it reports on by limiting it to reporting only entries longer than x seconds/minutes/hours...)

But sadly, IIRC, Epiforge (the developer) seemed to react impulsively, perhaps angrily? (IMHO) to a software review that said the app was "bland looking".

(interface was perfect for me...)

A year or two later, Epiforge came out with Grindstone version 3 - it looks like someone dropped too much blotter while they coded the new interface. Waaaay too much blotter. Sweet Jesus, they need to read "Don't Make Me Think" (book on how to design (webpages, but same concept). It teaches you how to "follow design convention" so your users don't need a PhD to figure out how where the he** anything is.)

The interface also makes the app look juvenile. I half expect blinged-up warriors to blast their across the screen and obliterate the entry you just "deleted."

But worst... they chucked autopilot completely in version 3.
So in order to track the time for anything, you must manually start and stop the clock.

Yeah. Like I'm going to remember to do that . (uhhh... NOT)

I switched to TimeSnapper about 2 years ago for recording my activity (literally) and the AUTOMATIC screen shots it takes helped me get paid for time I worked which my EX-boss thought he could get away with not paying me for. It's hard to argue with images.