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The tool not only helping me correct a lot of typos while I write but also help me learn English with proper grammar, with proper usage of "a/the", with "on/in/at" and many other things. It's also helping me sounds better. Also, I tried alternatives to Grammarly, and all of them much worst then Grammarly. If someone knows better alternative except ProWrittingAid - leave a comment below mine.


  • price for premium - too high, really too high, I can't afford it.
  • Performance issues here and there
  • Do not work on many sites (1page sites like discord, youtube, etc).
  • Can really slow-down whole page loadings in different browsers (depends on the browser) on modern hardware.

If you have so many cons, why still 5 Stars?

Because there are no alternatives in the market at all which even close to Grammarly. And I do saying nothing about quality of corrections. I tried around 8-10 for sure. Grammarly best one in the market, far ahead of all other tools. But the price extremely expensive for such service.

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Grammarly is the best! The only thing I HATE is that it shows you like 1000 things you have wrong that you would need premium to fix, but after you get premium there's only like five.


Seriously? And you still think "Grammarly is the best!" ? That is disgusting deception on their part, I'm happy I went for LT.


Using an undecipherable acronym is an affront to other users of, and visitors to, AlternativeTo.net

Expand 'LT' and elaborate on why you think it's better than Grammarly or get your "emo" expression of opinion expunged as spam.

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Very helpful for certain kinds of grammar errors. Premium is very expensive, I heard it's not worth it and they don't have a test account so I am not getting it.


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Used the paid version to proofread 200 pages of my own writing. 1500 edits later...


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Just looking at the end result is quite impressive what this program can do and how it improves my writing. (5*)

It's just a feeling:
I just don't trust this company. (1*)

On the rational side:
The premium is really expensive, over $130.- a year and you only get English. (2*)
The Mac Application is causing my MBP 2015 to get really hot and the fan gets to its limit. Is this an App or a virus? What do they do? (I tried it a few years back already. Same issue, no improvement). (1*)
The Web App is asking me every time I log in to verify if I'm a human - I hate it! (*)


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The free version has reasonably sufficient features.


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After using it for the last few years...I'd be lost without it.