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RSS Reader built-in apps

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There are a lot of apps that are not properly alternatives to Google Reader because their purpose is different, but they have a built-in RSS reader.

In this list there are

Take a look at them :) !

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I am so mad now that reader is now unavailable. It was a great thing to read on but now sadly, we cannot use it. I hope there will be more good reading apps like this one in the future. I just love this reading app soo much and people who haven't used it should try it. But toooooo late. :(

well that is what we will have to go with :(


Not bad

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One of apps one should be in common with. I use it for a long time, but I keep wondering whether it is so hard to make the design easier and modern?
I don't like the colors and really too old design. Maybe it's time to update?