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Left facebook for G+

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After facebook ruined my privacy settings and made everything public (and restored ALL my deleted posts) for the ...... (lost count how many times)

I closed my facebook account and switched over to g+.
I've only ever had one issue with G+, and it's not even googles fault, it just turns out that some of my friends are too stubborn to create an account. (even the "friends" that have android phones that use a g+ account for Google Play)

Bah, those "friends" don't know what they are missing.

I have never seen any Game Spam on G+, possibly because it has it's own section that's not part of the main feed.
Hell, I haven't seen any major spam of any kind on G+, possibly because google do not allow "any old app" to just post to your feed without your consent.

Either way, loving it, and not looking back!



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Google Plus is fun.


Great Potential

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All it needs is some more dev time and a ton of people.


Haha, shortest review ever. I like it :) We actually have plan to rename "review" to "opinion" ..

LOL! Great review, huh? Sorry about that. I think I mean to add a comment.

Google Plus is absolute dictatorship..

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They are the worst of social networks, all filled with spam and when you post something decent they ban your account without any reason.


Yep that's Google haha. Just like Microsoft now. All big companies start to ignore users when they get too big. Trying to get your account back, you will just run around in loop through their broken automated systems and impossible to get in touch with a human. One client of mine got his Microsoft email account suspended and it took me 3 weeks with Microsoft support to get the account unlocked. I see on forums and reddit a lot of people get their Microsoft of Google account suspended for unknown reasons. I never personally had problems with Google or Microsoft but all these occurrences got me thinking and now I try not to let big companies have control over my stuff and don't put all my eggs in the same basket.

Since it is really hard to maintain high quality of customer excellency if you have millions or trillions users on your platforms, so it is always better to have backup plan if you are using their services for important stuff

Still not going to use it.

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It is almost been about 3 since the force of g+ on youtube. I'm surviving and I would not be forced to use something I don't want. Blackmail is not the answer and it shouldn't be use to gain attention.