Google Keep Reviews

Has best mobile widget support in its class

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As title suggests

GoogleKeep is one of the best apps for android IMO

Its widget is extremely easy to access and add notes

Like Googlephotos, googleKeep also scales really well with images added onto it

Can ping reminders to yourself as well with googlekeep as an android notification

Very handy

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easy to keep all my notes in one place and accessible from any device



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Quite easy to use . A good alternative to Evernote.


Love it

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Simple, easy to use, popular and powerful note-taking resource. Definitely a keeper (no pun intended) for short notes/lists. More flexible than the text-only, sharing-limited Simplenote and less cluttered/bloated than Evernote/Onenote/etc.



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Very fast and lightweight compared to Evernote.
Perhaps it has less features (e.g. notes are strictly personal, no sharing options), but if you want performance, especially on slower devices - Keep would be a very good choice.

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I have used everyday for several years. Love all the lists I can make in different colors. Save my shopping items and use to make next weeks grocery list again next week. Bought items are moved to the bottom where I can hit the < button to find again and add on my latest shopping list. I add picture of hard to find items to a specific list. I use this app in so many ways, it's hard to describe them all to you.


I really dislike it - very clumsy interface - hard to see things on the screen

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It is one of the new modern interfaces which take tons of space and don't have a birdview option.
Google sheets is a better alternative - you can fit your notes on the sheet and see them all in one place, can reorganize, edit from phone, color etc.
Here each note takes huge space, makes simple things unnecessarily clumsy.