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As of August 2019, in order to add a child profile to a phone or tablet, the child profile needs to be the main profile on the device. If you want to add other users (like parents) you need to set child permission to manage users/accounts on that device in your parent's version of Family Link.

There's no way to add another child profile to already supervised device, so bear that in mind if you own a shared/family tablet, and if you add yourself (an adult/parent account) first, you won't be able to add any children as additional profiles, unless you disable supervision for their accounts.

Also, there are so many ways for the kids to work around the lockdown, and use the phones/tablets when they're supposed to be locked, that it's really easier just talking to your kids, than fighting this app shortages and bad design.


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Family link us is more than useless on a PC. It makes iit so the chrome browser is useless. Requires the link administrator to log in each time the browser is restarted just for my kid to check his e-mail. One of the reasons I wanted it is to control the Youtube my kid watches. Once family like is installed, if the kid is longed in they can no longer watch youtube on the PC. This program is only for Android and sort of for chromebooks. I wish the description of what this does was much more clear.