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Privacy Issues

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If you are concerned about privacy, Chrome is not the best option. Period. Google tracks everything you do in order to customize the ads displayed to you. Their ads are everywhere (email inbox, websites etc). They might know you more than you do. In this case, Firefox is the way to go.
If you don't mind having your life tracked, then Chrome is better overall.


Brave is a good alternative too, based on Chrome graphic engine for those who like fast browsers and respects your privacy like Firefox (before they add let's say Waterfox)

Firefox is under Soros now. Read about their deal. It's no longer private and stuff.

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• Widely use

• Google Chrome spies on you. By default Google Chrome tracks your activity on the internet. Via sync, cookies, and various methods. After Google collected your information, they sell it in covert ways to total strangers. This is part of Google business model. This is your reminder that Google is a for profit corporation. By collecting your data and linking it to you, Google put you at risk for data breaches.
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• Google Chrome is own by a for-profit corporation. It is not owned by a not-for-profit community. Usually a corporation first priority is to hoard money. Not serve you and protect your privacy.

• Use Mozilla Firefox instead of Chrome. Because Firefox does NOT spy on you. With Firefox those spy features are still available, but they are all deactivated by default. Try Firefox at

• Firefox version 60+ (Quantum) is presently FASTER than Chrome and use less memory than Chrome. Compare to previous versions of Firefox, the Quantum version is twice as fast, promote parallelism, and has more intuitive user interface.
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• Firefox code is owned by a NOT-for-profit community. The Mozilla Foundation. Usually a real not-for-profit organization first priority is to serve you and protect your privacy. Not spy on you, not hoard money.

• If you need even stronger privacy than Firefox, you might be interested in Tor Browser at Which is powered by Firefox.

• Chrome 70 at 64-bit
• Firefox 63 at 64-bit
• Debian 9 Stretch at 64-bit
• GNOME 3.22


Don't believe the benchmarks

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Chrome is not a horrible browser, but what bugs me quite often is how many publications praise its performance. The reason for this is, I believe, the way in which people measure performance. They usually have certain websites and tools to collect metrics – but those are run in a single tab. What has become annoyingly obvious to me with prolonged use of Chrome, is that it deals very poorly with increasing numbers of tabs.

With many open tabs, let's say one or two dozen, Chrome's interface will start breaking down and behaving inconsistently. Not just scrolling and clicking in websites can have delays or 5 to 10 seconds, but the Chrome window itself will start showing the same behaviour. It can take many seconds for Chrome to close a tab of open its menu after you click, and choosing context menu options becomes a test of patience. It won't usually bring up the crashed tab prompt anymore. At some point, the interface might stop responding entirely. It will still be reactive, showing mouse-over effects and such, but clicks won't have an effect any longer. The usual disclaimer applies: this is not a problem with my system, an extension, or particular version of Chrome. I've witnessed it across many Chrome versions over the years, after a clean install, on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

This is really quite baffling because one of the features Chrome advertises is its multi-process architecture, that for example prevents a crashing tab from crashing the entire browser. Firefox only started implementing something similar very recently, but it never had those problems with large numbers of tabs. Firefox has its own memory consumption and performance problems, of course. But even with several hundreds of tabs, it doesn't show such an extreme drop in performance. I've once experimented by having a Firefox session with well over a thousand tabs, and it didn't perceivably slow down the browser! Only after many hours of use I started noticing some sluggishness, but in the same way that it happens with Firefox when running just a few tabs. And even if it did croak, you can always close Firefox, use its very reliable session restore functionality to have all the tabs back open (the recovery takes about half a minute with 1000+ tabs, by the way), and Firefox will only lazy-load tabs to memory as they are activated again, so it remains fast for a long time, while Chrome seems to insist on always loading everything at once.

On paper, Firefox should be architecturally less prepared to deal with a large number of tabs. So I can only conclude that, at least in this aspect, the programmers working on Firefox are a lot more skilled than whatever engineers Google hired for Chrome. Firefox's code is of immensely higher quality in this regard.

So this is something to consider if you like working with a lot of tabs, like me. Firefox will let you, Chrome will crash and burn.


Good and honest feedback, I use firefox myself as my main browser for everything especially heavy browsing, and chrome for coding.
There is extension that will help you if you want to use chrome with many tabs it's called The Great Suspender, give it a try.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'm definitely going to give that a try soon! The description of the extension sounds promising.

You'll probably need another extension (if it exists) for how Chrome handles tabs in the UI, if you really want to work with a lot of them. Firefox has a minimum width for tab riders which will keep part of their title visible, and display the overflow in a drop-down menu of all tabs. In Chrome, on the other hand, tab riders keep getting narrower until they become impossible to distinguish and hard to click, and there is no overflow menu, the tabs that don't fit on the screen will just be invisible until the number of open tabs drops again.

You are right it's getting worth with lots and lots of tabs, maybe you can use some sort of tab grouping.

If you're concerned with your privacy, I'd recommend another browser.

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As many on here have mentioned, the main issue with Chrome is your Privacy. Google makes money off your personal data, such as browsing history, searches typed etc. I, like many people are not that keen on a private advertising company such as Google making money from our personal data and habits.

Personally I'd recommend Firefox or one based off it like Pale Moon.

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I was a die-hard Chrome fan for quite a few years, but recently I've mostly switched over to the un-hyped browser Waterfox. For some reason, I've never really liked Firefox much but I really just mesh well with the style of Waterfox - if you're looking for a browser that can match or even surpass Google Chrome in quality and style, check out Waterfox and see how you like it.

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Scary that Google tracks and stores every single thing you read, click, and write to target YOU with better adverts. Even more scary is the snowden revelations that the USA government has access to all of that information too. Much prefer a browser like Firefox and Safari, which author doesn't track and store everything I do. Personally, I like Safari.


Safari may track you, as it is closed source and Apple does not share the source code.

Unless you audit the source code. It is safe to say that maybe FLOSS browsers Seamonkey, Firefox, etc, do not track you.

[Edited by mzs_47, September 23]
Grammar correction.

Google Chrome isn't FLOSS though... Chromium is, but Google Chrome isn't — google are also slowly moving more and more from the FOSS Chromium over to the Closed Google Chrome eco-system, as they are doing the same with FOSS Android vs Closed Google Apps —

Unfortunately, Google's business model is to earn money through advertising by collecting information on us, which entails offering free software in exchange for information — — Apple's business model is to earn money on hardware and software, they have no financial incentive to be malicious with our information. Firefox is unfortunately in the middle, they have biddings on who get to be the default search engine.

I did not mention Chrome as FLOSS, and we think Apple does collect information about you. It may not use that for financial gains, but will share with Not So-secret Agency(NSA), with a tailored gag order in place Apple cannot disclose this information and we remain oblivious.
It has to follow the law of the land, other tech giants did this.
We know this thanks to Snowden leaks.

Finally we have FLOSS alternatives to replace and ensure some privacy.

Big Brother watch at you! )))
Don't be scary. Your internet history and information is all in the net. In any browser, with any name.

That scares me! You can not imagine how much you can know about your life.

It's kinda sad that everything you do on browsers is somehow tracked cuz of the major profit made from tracking people, so no matter which browser you take, you'll always be tracked even the tiniest bit. But i'd rather not be tracked just to get some ads and then not be able to block them, so firefox is more of what i like

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I will concede that Google Chrome definitely has a good speed and strong integration with other Google products. That's the reason I give it 2 stars. However, if you care about your privacy, do yourself a favour and look for another alternative on this site. I have found Waterfox to match Chrome in speed.

[Edited by TerrifiedTyphlosion, May 31] If you needed more reasons to leave Google Chrome, here's one for you.

Entertain this idea: Google Chrome was never "your" browser.

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Sure, it launches quickly, but it bogs down the system if you have to many tabs open, due to the way in which it handles system resources. If you enjoy being tracked by Google and served ads relating to your private, personal information, then I guess Chrome is the best choice. But if you prefer privacy and security, there are many other choices out there.

With all the recent occurrences surrounding Google and the Chrome browser, it's time to change to something that actually respects your privacy, like Firefox, Brave, etc.

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A 10/10 browser with privacy concerns. Google owns the internet, there is no denying that fact. Few years ago chrome was a break through as a web browser. It was fast and clean. Now it has become bloated with features that no one wants. The too much focus on making PC and mobile version of chrome browser to look alike made it loose its edge. I suggest to move to a different browser such as Firefox. But I bet my money on Vivaldi. In my opinion its the only browser that gets the PC browser space.

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My best browser! i always use.


its too

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Intergrated with all Google things
Bookmark Syncing between devices
Extensions sync between all desktop computers
Huge extention and theme selection
Resource hungry
The UI is a little outdated (Chrome is going to release a new UI It can be activated right now!)
No built-in VPN or Adblocker (Adblocker is included but only blocks spam ads)
Tracks its users

Bottom line: If your computer is powerful it should run Chrome pretty well and that huge selection of extensions is great! But the tracking is terrible. If you want to know how to enable the new UI here are the steps:
Visit: chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md
Then in “UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome” change the option from default to refresh (With touch screens Change Default to Touch Refresh)
Press the restart button and enjoy the new Chrome!
I do not use Chrome as my daily browser I use Small Mozilla Firefox iconMozilla Firefox , Small Opera iconOpera Is another really great browser.


weak derivative

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Chrome is derived from Chromium.

Chrome has "all the better to track you with, my dear" components. That's bad. Privacy is precious and sacrosanct.

Use Chromium.

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Google will limit the capability of adblock extensions drastically especially for uBlock Origin with their manifest v3 which includes radical changes like 30k filter limit and disabling dynamic filters.
I will not recommend it anymore, it became an evil and and starting to become a considerable threat to open source world and security within privacy of users.

Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and so much alternatives have all same feature sets and maybe even more. Like better developer tools and better extension support in Firefox, VPN and Turbo support in Opera, better theme customization in Vivaldi etc.

Google Chrome have become just a habit for most of users but its abilities are not greater than alternatives. They rely on it just like Internet Explorer relied it years ago.