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    There are many alternatives to Google Chrome for Windows if you are looking for a replacement. The best Windows alternative is Mozilla Firefox, which is both free and Open Source. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 100 alternatives to Google Chrome and loads of them are available for Windows so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting Windows alternatives to Google Chrome are Brave (Free, Open Source), Vivaldi (Free), Opera (Free) and Tor Browser (Free, Open Source).

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    1. The most secure way to browse the Internet is to have two physically separate computers. One computer is used for work and other important tasks in an isolated network, and the other computer is used for web browsing.
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    2. Browzar is based on the Internet Explorer engine, which means its such a small file that it only takes seconds to download.


      The program is no longer updated. Last version, 2.0, released in January 2012, can be still downloaded from the official website.

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    3. * Useful Homepage: Watch the news and the weather. * Save time with Spez Engine. * Reading mode * Use many themes created by our team. * Real Incognito. Have questions or need help? Go to:


      Last update was in 2018/2019 (GitHub/SourceForge).

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    4. Tungsten is a simple web browser, with convenience features: * Double rendering engines (Blink and Trident) * Groupable multilevel * Splittable window per group * Local App. capturing * and more ...
    5. Html Viewer 3 (hv3) is a powerful yet minimalist web browser that uses Tkhtml3 as a rendering engine and SEE (Simple ECMAScript Engine) to interpret scripts. The application itself is written in Tcl. Currently it is at alpha stage.


      The program is no longer updated. Last version, 08_0203, released in February 2008, can be still downloaded from the official website.

    6. 1stBrowser is another take on Google’s flagship Chrome browser. In fact, it has been built around Chromium, the same open-source code as Google Chrome, and as such 1stBrowser offers a familiar interface from which to begin your browsing.


      Link redirects to UR browser. The original webpage no longer exists and the official download is gone.

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    7. With every website you visit, you’re vulnerable to malicious hackers out to steal your surfing history, passwords, email access, bank account numbers, medical info, and more. And the “big browsers” don’t do enough to stop it.


      WhiteHat Security will no longer be providing support or development resources for Aviator, but it made it an open source project.

    8. The Decentr browser is a privacy-focused, lightning fast, and completely secure web browser built on Decentr's custom blockchain with a free, fully-featured VPN and ad blocker.
    9. Element Browser is a stylistic, modern and powerful web browser. It features unmatched security, an intuitive user interface and great features.


      The official website is no longer available and the URL has been replaced with a different webpage. Last version of the browser, 7.0, released in March 2014, can be still downloaded from

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      Xvast - Fast and Secure Browser! It supports DRM-X 4.0 Web Page Encryption (HTM, HTML Encryption), Audio/Video Encryption, PDF Encryption, Image Encryption, and Javascript Encryption.
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