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Google Backup and Sync Reviews

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Pretty cool at first, the free storage is great and it works pretty stright forward. The explorer gets icons to show if folder and files are synced and sharing stuff is easy as well.
Sadly, whenever backup and sync needs to restart (because the os restarted or it just had an error), it takes a shitload of time to index all files. For me this is up to three minutes with a lot of cpu power needed for that time. This is really a shame, those indexed files could be stored somewhere so the sync does not take that enourmous time. The application is also quite memory hungry.

TL;DR: Great at first, does not scale well when used extensivly.
Backup and sync indexing all files at startup
CPU usage of Backup and sync at startup


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Dear Google just please fire the whole team who develop the app. It's absolute garbage.
You making a lot of great products, but this product absolute not usable trash.
Used electron? 300MB in memory just for background app? JS app for upload download files?
Fire ALL who do that shit, and make something good written on normal languages (C/C++/Rust/Go) what use not too many resources, fast, and stable without crashes and where the user can select what he will back up, how, etc.


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Too many bugs