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Beatiful software

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You may be used to Audacity and might be pondering why I should consider a commercial software yourself. Here is my 2cents:
-Goldwave is very light weight, around 15 MB.
-It includes all the simple filters and plugins you need by default.
-Batch processing, file merger, CD reader, Speech converter etc.
-You can benefit all the features in Free version and they won't ask you to pay money at any point. If you feel like purchasing license, you may do so from the application itself.

I just feel like Goldwave is more like Irfanview. Paint.net and Notepad+ of its kind, a true hidden gem.


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Very nice audio editing/restoration program. Intuitive and nicely laid out.
Many, many useful tools, and nearly all of them work great. Ideal for transferring analog sources such as records and tapes to digital files or CDs. The pop and click removal tool for cleaning up records is one of the better ones that I've tried.

Out of all of the audio programs that I've tried, Goldwave is my favorite.

As a side note, it's a Windows based program, but seems to mostly function correctly in Linux if you run it in Wine. The only thing I found that does not work is the "Save Selection As" function. "Save" does work, however. No idea why.