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They allowed to do exchange from Monero to Bitcoin without payment ID and didn't finalize exchange. Other exchange providers do not have any problems with BTC->XMR and transactions without Payment ID.

If Payment ID is mandatory in this system why you allow to do it without it? Just to get free coins?

I sent them Monero to get BTC and finished with nothing. Support is just happy to say, sorry you didn't use Payment ID so your money are lost, goodbye


Dear Vinnie,
Thank you for your review!
There are several coins (XLM, XRP, XEM and etc.) that can be deposited ONLY when the sender uses provided Extra ID (Payment ID, Destination Tag or Memo), this is the only way for those assets to reach our wallet.
Extra ID's are important part of the address and a combination of the address + payment id not equals to just the address itself.
Please be advised that the information about the importance of extra tags is listed on our website for a reason, and we inform users about this information on the exchange page. Ignoring this information may result in your deposit being lost. Thank you for your understanding!
Regards, Godex support

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I do not recommend this, they send less coins than indicated before the exchange. Scammers!


Dear AhmadZali ,
Thank you for your feedback!
Our customers always receive the exact amount of coins which is indicated in the exchange, if the deposit for the exchange is confirmed within the deposit window of 40 minutes. Unfortunately, due to the high crypto market volatility, sometimes we can not provide you with the fixed rate if your deposit appears with a large delay.
If you have any questions about the fixed rate, please let us know!