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GoDaddy is an unethical company

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GoDaddy is actively supporting the SOPA bill in the US, which is more than enough reason not to support them.

There are far better alternatives with open ethical business practices.

Gandi.net, for example, supports all kinds of open source projects, doesn't spam customers, the interface is friendly and usable and their support is excellent.

Another good alternative is name.com, a small but very dedicated company that keeps their customers happy and secure without compromising on integrity.

Please seriously consider _not _ to use GoDaddy the next time you register a domain name. And if you have domain names at GoDaddy, it's not difficult to transfer them to other registrars.

And join the "Move your domain day" boycott (google it) if you still have time!


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There are a number of reasons why GoDaddy is hated and the biggest is probably their support of SOPA. Due to a large public backlash they eventually walked back their support (but left open the possibility of supporting a similar but better worded law in their statement). The backlash was so big even wikipedia moved their domain registrations away from GoDaddy. That was 2012 and I still won't use them, their whole attitude and actions during that time left a very lasting bad impression for many tech people - and they haven't done anything to redeem themselves.

I remember when the SOPA business started, I had a few personal domains with GoDaddy that I wasn't using and had almost forgotten about. I called them up to switch (you had to call back then) and I was on hold for almost an hour, finally I got through to a rep and when I said I wanted to switch registrars and why he just let out a huge sigh and proceeded to process my transaction like he had already done something similar hundreds of times that day.

Also they have a dominant position mostly due to advertising and name recognition, not due to any standout features or support. Go with any other non EIG hosting provider.


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They always try to sell what you do not need. And they succeed, because they add stuff into your basket. You have clicked to buy domain? Be sure spam services added into your checkout basket.

Also, they recently sent me email that I have to revalidate my account for no reason. I typed my account name and password. Did not work. May be I forgot. Tried to restore password several times, did change password. But login does not accept password which I have copied and pasted from notepad.