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Very good alternative to Gmail

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GMX is not the king of email services but it is surely a pretty good alternative. It is a hassle-free service. I like it a lot!


Stuck in the past

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I used to think it was a good alternative in the past but the interface is kind of heavy/slow and the suggestions forum is practically abandoned. The development of improvements is very slow or doesn't exist at all.


Yet, barely any spam. Unlimited inbox space, and bunch of other. The UI may suck, but its worth using for sites that do not accept standard e-mail providers. And its also good to use as a spam-inbox, to signup with knowing you will get plenty of spam from the sites. My GMX is a spam heaven.

Hm, United Internet owns both GMX and Mail.com through its subsidiary 1&1 Internet. Maybe the development efforts are all into Small mail.com iconmail.com

Spam... I don't receive that much in my Small Yahoo! Mail iconYahoo! Mail and Small Outlook.com iconOutlook.com addresses, I guess it really depends on how you use them online. Yahoo! has disposable addresses in case I really need one.

Most e-mail providers this day support Alias or Disposable Addresses, if I recall correctly Yahoo! Mail allows for e-mail re-use, not unheard off, but if you delete your e-mail then it can be registered back, nothing like this with Gmail, since there is a potential concern for Privacy. I personally use good old Mail.ru, being long time hater of UI and 1&1 I stay away from GXM or Mail.com, other then use them as fake accounts for sites that I know are going to spam the crap out of me.

Other then that I use Hushmail as I love privacy and encrypted e-mail providers like Hush Communication, prob because there Canadian company as well, and that's where I am from.

Outlook, I still hate, no matter how you look at it I tend to get e-mails asking me to buy Viagra or something along dating local sluts, and I never use my Outlook/Hotmail for anything other then for personal stuff that I signed to it back in like 2006 (Banking, Bills, Ect) Prob should just move over to Hushmail or my Google Business Apps.