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GMX Uploadmanager too slow: DropBox or TeamDrive quick

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Until September 2009 I used GMX Uploadmanager (1) with Windows XP, because in our Company Network with a HTTP Proxy internet connection, DropBox and TeamDrive did not work. Since end of Oct.2009 DropBox also works with a HTTP Proxy internet connection. With DropBox or TeamDrive Win.XP-Explorer does not slow down during synchronizing prozess as with GMX Upload-Manager, which has the additional disadvantage to be limited to only 1 GB for free.

(1) http://help.gmx.com/storage/client/


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Starting the GMX Upload-Manager may take up to 2 minutes. In this time it is possible, that the Windows XP explorer freezes down.
To avoid this annoying impediment, You better use DropBox or TeamDrive (1).

(1) http://www.teamdrive.net/en/teamdrive/how-it-works