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I've been using Gmelius for 2 years.
Mainly to get a reminder when someone doesn't reply to my emails within X days. It works well and is super convenient. Main frustration for me: the email opens tracking is not that reliable...


Thank you for taking your time to review us. We highly appreciate it! Kindly drop us a line on the website live chat, our tech team will run some tests to make sure your tracking is working properly.

Great Gmail extension

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Discovered and installed Gmelius a few weeks ago and positively impressed so far! The service is very reliable and the support excellent.

This app offers features I was used to get from a lot of disparate services. The To-do app and the blocking of trackers are my favourite ones.

Keep up the good work, guys!

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After trial period, all tracked email is branded “Powered by Gmelius”, so basically worthless. At no time during the download or installation was this explained. Actually the options to do anything seemed to have disappeared after the trial, not that it matters since I'll be uninstalling anyway.



Gmelius does offer a free plan that includes many perks, among others, free & unlimited email tracking. Tracked emails for free users do have the "Powered by Gmelius" signature. You can learn more about Gmelius different plans at