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Don't use Gmail if you value your privacy and the privacy of those you contact

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Gmail (and Google) is "free" because it harvests your private information, scans your emails, contacts, and collates this against your use of YouTube, Chrome, your browsing habits, Google Drive contents, websites you visit and adverts you click... everything... The amount of information collected is massive, creepy and you'll never undo it. If a person followed you around collecting this information you'd think it was the creepiest thing.

Worse still, this information is stored on Google servers, which can be hacked or supboenad. You also have no idea who will own that information in 10 or 20 years time, how it can be used against you or other people it contains information about, or under which legal jurisdiction.

Others who may have never agreed to Gmail/Google's Terms & Conditions (including perhaps for privacy reasons), have the content of their emails scanned if they send stuff to a Gmail address. All of that is also true for Yahoo! Mail, and Yahoo! (And some others.)

Want to improve your privacy online? I recommend this as a start.

That's a good start. Then follow the info on for further advice.


Awesome list. Thanks for sharing! Switched from Google search to Qwant recently, works just as nicely.

For secure emails you could also add Tutanota. The entire mailbox is encrypted, plus it's open source.

Yes, Tutanota is end-to-end encrypted and open source. Better still, they are currently testing the beta version of their new interface, which looks awesome, judging from the screenshots. They also promised a calendar in 2017; I hope they can deliver that and attract even more people away from Gmail.

Gmail & Yahoo are mega spies

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Gmail, Yahoo and most other services are mega spies, they collect all your data and scan it for posting targeted ads. If this doesn't concern you, they also let the authorities scan all emails as the recent Yahoo scandal has shown. The only alternative is encrypted mail because these services simply can't spy on your data.

Take a look at these encrypted email services:

There really is no reason anymore to use free spyware as the alternative options are just as easy.


No longer Like Gmail

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Gmail was great when it started, but now that Google wants to become Facebook, they've been slowly killing off or breaking all the good features and degrading the user interface because they think it will appeal to the lowest common denominator of users.

I fear it won't be long until they kill Gmail completely, and turn it into "Google+ Messaging" with less functionality and more pointless crap. You can't even log into Gmail anymore without Google trying to force Google+ down your throat, trying to get you to create a public profile and publicly link everything you do online to your real name and face.

Also the spam filter has never worked reliably. It flags real, important mail as spam fairly often, so I have to go through everything manually in Thunderbird anyway.

I'd gladly pay for an alternative that provides the same ease of use, labels, filters, searches, inline chat and SMS, etc, but I don't know if that exists yet. From the look of it, though, Gmail will eventually be downgraded so much that any alternative will look like an improvement.

How much money does Google even make from selling our souls anyway? If they make $10 billion a year and have 425 million Gmail customers, that's only $2 a month for each user. I'd gladly pay more than that for all of Google's products without the BS.

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Since 2007, I've had an account. I keep it because it's convenient to have. However, it's mostly used for spam and the like. I don't use it for anything personal. If it had encryption, and Google cared more about privacy, I would reconsider.

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User friendly and works better with low connectivity


Easy to use, permanently improving design , helpful features. I mean it is the best web-mailing service out there. Google is always working on improving even if it is almost perfect. Also, @AnthonyClancy121 since you are a user of this website, I would really appreciate some feedback for my review of this site, I just started a Youtube Channel. Here is the review -

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The UI is pretty good, it's quite beginner-friendly, and loads quite fast.
But the spam filters are horrible, 80% of the mail in my spam folder is real mail, while 80% of the spam mail end up in my inbox. The the pseudo-file directory in also terrible. And I keep getting locked out. And your mail is not encrypted (Google can read it, even if they don't read it). It's not open-source, and has ads. I am getting myself an alternative, I am getting rid of this burden.

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Zoho Mail delivers everything Gmail does + more!
If you setup a free business account with your custom-domain - you have awesome user defined spam control capabilities and the web-interface of Zoho is simply an eye-candy <3

Please Note:
The sending IP address of Zoho Mail ( is listed on none, none (0 of 130) DNSBL (DNS Blacklist)!
While the sending IP addess of Gmail ( is listed on 8 out of 130 Spam Filter Lists (because Gmail is being misused by a lot of Spamers)! This easily results into your Email NOT getting delivered at your destination!!!
Zoho on the other hand always delivers!
I am speaking from experience.


google: #PrivacyRaping as a business plan

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gmail is yet another not-actually-free service google uses to entice the foolish into whoring their privacy as chattel for google profiteering

cost is too high: privacy


I've decided GMAIL is not as advertised..

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It's a great email platform but, that's as far as it goes..

Anything else such as if there's ever a problem and if you need help for some reason well then you might as well bend over and take it in the rear because they lie and don't help as their email 3-5 business days thing claims.

I lost access to my gmail account no thanks to stupid gmail authenticator and couldn't get back into my account no matter what I tried so I emailed them about it because nothing else was letting me back in and it has now been almost a month and no reply..

Because of this I am moving all my accounts to a new mailbox system and refuse to rely on crappy gmail no more..

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hotmail cant beat gmail

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i made an account on hotmail and used it for a few weeks. it is a very complicated mail service for me and i prefer using gmail. its mailing services are a lot better and its other apps are an icing on the cake


Cost-Effective Email Solution For Small Business

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If you're a small business I think Gmail is a great cost-effective tool. Integrates well with other Google apps.


hey can i know how to make interface administration for a captive page saved cookies for visiters

Solid And Reliable Email Service

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Gmail isn't perfect but I do prefer its speed and overall performance. It's SPAM filter is a little too heavy in terms of putting important emails in SPAM. It's also a pain to open multiple emails in a seamless way. Still, it's hard to argue with overall performance, and integration with Google Drive is great.


Good Job!

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I was a bit hesitant when my employer asked we move away from Thunderbird to GMail. That said, while I am still a bit of a Thunderbird fan I have to admit that Google makes everything so accessible in GMail and it's really easy to have everything configured and accesible across a variety of devices. Also, implementing other Google services makes sharing docs and whatnot a dream.


everything is connected

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i love it because it has everything connected, is easier to manage everything like this and it has never failed for me, i handle everything with it.