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Glympse is still a work in progress

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I've used this app a few times and it's great literally for a half hour. It tells your exact location and even how fast you are going.

The app allows up to a four hour window, but even if you select four hours the app stops working after a half hour. I've tried this with two friends and the same thing happened when they sent me a Glympse and when I sent them one.

I'd use it all the time if it worked, as it is, it's useless to me.


Extremely resource intensive?

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When I run this, my phone slows to a crawl and the app itself takes 10 seconds to respond to button pushes. I doubt it could handle this and a navigation app at the same time. What's so hard about sending GPS coordinates to server once in a while?

Then the recipients have to load a Flash app in their browser that, in my browser, never does anything. Is it still loading? No way my girlfriend could use this on her non-Flash phone over data plan