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Closest thing to Fraps for Linux, that I know of.

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Cons: GLC is not always good with sound. It is highly dependent on the actual game being played. You may get great sound, or you may get seriously messed up sound.

It is completely operated from within a Terminal, thus meaning it is only CLI. Not exactly user friendly. GLC guides/tutorials are rather scarce. Its official website is down as well.

Pros: High quality videos of the games it records. The only way I am currently able to record fullscreen games is with GLC. Seems to work great with Opensource games, not so much closed source games.

Best thing, it is capable of recording Wine games as well. PlayOnLinux also has a new feature that uses GLC to record gameplay from Wine games. Very nifty, but rather difficult to setup.


GLC is ALSAmazing and OpenglMaGical!

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GLC is the way to do high-resolution, high-fps recordings of games that run using OpenGL and ALSA on Linux (I use Arch).

If you use PulseAudio or OSS instead, there should be ways for you to capture the audio separately for adding it to the video later.

I use FFmpeg for converting it to video. In the past, I used Mencoder.