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Microsoft want to buy it. So time to switch.


"Microsoft is acquiring GitHub and expect the agreement to close by the end of the year." It is already happening, and I agree it's time to move on to other alternatives.

Quit anti-MS trolling. Nothing changed yet and unlikely will, but you already downvoting it.

We are here to look for alternatives and that's all I'm suggesting. Things going south is a real possibility when a mega-tech company acquires a popular service such as GitHub, so it doesn't hurt to keep an eye on how this is going to develop and quietly leave the room if things don't turn out so well.

It's a site for functionality alternatives, not for politics.

coth, I agree with you. These Linux zealots really are annoying. Thanks to them, my Github account has been attacked by them and banned. As their consequence, I am going to switch from Linux to macOS or Windows. I found a Windows-backed Github alternative where there are no Linux users. Linux became a sick and toxic community of aggressive, extremist, hateful, intolerant, radical and violent zealots.

I actually agree with coth here, maybe I could've omitted a part of my comment earlier. I didn't want to reply and start a pointless discussion, but there are couple of points that I'd like to clarify:

First of all, gusreisc, I'm sorry that you had that experience, but don't drag the rest of us in the same basket of name-calling for it. This is unhelpful and unnecessary. Try to keep the perspective as objective as possible when confronting other's opinions. I'm really troubled that you would go as far as to describe an entire group as "aggressive, extremist, hateful, intolerant, radical and violent zealots". In this case simply because suggesting an alternative to a particular service.

Secondly, this isn't anti-MS trolling. I've been a happy Windows user for 20 years both at work and at home. I'm using a Windows 7 machine right now and own two more running W10 and XP; I also use other services such as Skype or LinkedIn regularly, plus a number of other products and services from other popular mega companies that we've all heard of (I'll admit that some of these services I'm using only because I have to for one reason or another, which is why I'm in this site in the first place).
But, that doesn't mean that I have to agree with everything they do by default, and certainly doesn't hurt to have a healthy degree of skepticism towards the biggest companies in the world when a lot of money changes hands. I have my own experiences and my personal reasons to be wary about big moves such as this one, that's all.

Sorry for the long post, and I will read any of your replies but I will not continue this line of discussion any further.

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At the same time you can see how VS has Professionally-featured free Community Edition since few years and very well progressing totally open source Visual Studio Code and PowerShell. So don't run ahead of train. Just wait and see how it changes, if it will.

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You cannot miss github unless you are not doing anything programming


luckily its not about github, its about GIT :)

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Github used to be good. Now it's bad, because owned by M$.
Open Source like Gitlab is better for our privacy and more respectful of our data.


Maybe its ok now, but one day, with another MS CEO this would be weak point of open-source world. I think its time to switch now, gitlab, gitbucket, gitea, ... whatever. Just for more promising future of open software.

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Amazing repository with amazing functionality


The place to be for open source projects

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Github is the place to be for open source projects!

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Besides older things like CVS and SVN I had been using self-hosted Gitlab, then Bitbucket and then convinced my team (well, it wasn't that hard) to switch to GitHub. Not a single problem with it.
If I must, perhaps their side by side diff display could be wider.


Most open-repo resources out there

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If you do any sort of development github is where its at