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Wrong comparrisons

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The suggested alternatives does different things than GitBook.

GitBook is a tool in which you can create FAQ, Manual, KBs and manage a software documentation collaboratively. Not exactly a book to put on the shelf on download to a kindle, but a live and online documentation site.

All the alternatives listed were more related to books creation and publishing.


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The old version was good, but they created a new version which misses a lot of basic functionality (can not view Markdown source, can not export to PDF). It was a great tool, but it doesn't seem to be maintained anymore.


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As it stated, GitBook is great for creating books, as they do not require any special formatting, text/code inclusion and cross-linking. But when it comes to creating documentation (where many people think GitBook is good at), GitBook fails. I've been using it for more than a year as a documentation tool and it is a terrible experience. Our documentation is created in Markdown and the more it grows, the more I am stuck with numerous GitBook limitations. Even creating a link to a document or a page that should be located outside the Summary is a real headache.

Along with Markdown, GitBook supports AsciiDoc that is expected to be a problem solver. However, in GitBook AsciiDoc has an extremely truncated functionality.


Simple but efficient - muti-users edition

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Free for unlimited "public book"
Able to edit from multiple users
Versionning managed (but no, we can't fork ;-)
Format supported: PDF, EPUB, MOBI
Rich Text supported, with image.
Very nice :)