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One of my favorites tools out there for e-commerce businesses

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It is the only one of its kind SaaS tool that I know that brings both additional revenue and feedback from your customers so quickly.


Great app for e-commerce stores!

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  • Easy to use and implement
  • I like social media referrals because every single social media share is verified
  • Awesome support

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Very smart software!

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  1. very good solution for social media referrals
  2. I really like the dashboard where I can see interesting metrics e.g.
  • who shared my website
  • how many people visited my web through social media referrals etc.
  1. integration process - super easy, even for non-techies.

Now I know what it was ! (My store was missing something).

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Their Surveys are worth everything. Perfect than I said and believe me I'm putting a lot of attention on my clients needs.
Thanks to Share Task my sales got boosted. - Strong and real community builder.
Newsletter helped me with lack of returning clients. Now it is so much better.


WOW such a great tool. Really a must have for e-commerce.

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Girafi is so easy to use. It takes us 5 minutes to set up everything and start a campaign. Thanks to that we get really good social media exposure and get a lot of feedback.

Strongly recommend!