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Website fixed

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Just so anyone reading the comments knows: the website for GIMPshop has been fixed. It now points you to a Sourceforge repository, where the real GIMPshop can be found, complete with GPL-licensed source code.


Thanks HackedChicken. I don't think this is needed any longer though. Gimp now has a single-window interface option built-in.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I'm aware, that was the only feature differentiating the two. Gimp should suffice on its own now, I think.

gimpshop.com is a scam at the expensive of the legit gimpshop developer (gimp hacker)

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gimpshop.com is owned by a greedy domain squatter and NOT the developer. Please have everyone you know update their bookmarks.



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Bundles adware and does not make the source code available. Also, the guy that runs gimpshop.com is a deceitful little scoundrel that steals to make a quick buck. I edited this entry to reflect that this software includes adware and is NOT open source. Hopefully the changes get made. Also, whoever is linking to Scott's Twitter and (now defunct) personal website need to stop doing that as Scott wants nothing more to do with GIMPshop.