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Try not to listen to those disparaging GIMP's UI

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They'll have 1 thing in common - they all got used to Photoshop first.

GIMP isn't perfect. It's got rough edges. It is developed by volunteers, it is not backed by a huge commercial effort like Photoshop nor is it sold for a huge price tag.

Considering that, for 98% of image editing requirements GIMP is just as good as Photoshop. Only if you are in an elite upper tier of artists would it actually be inadequate.

If you are used to Photoshop, you'll find GIMP horrible to use. The same is true in reverse. They are difficult applications with different structures and different approaches to many tasks. It's like going from a Mac to Windows and vice versa. You have to unlearn what you know and relearn something else, and for many that is too much to ask.

However to lack the perspective to understand this basic principle - that you prefer what you know - and lay into the work of the GIMP developers with very unconstructive criticisms is hardly helping anybody. Given it is open source, why not engage them, or why not try to implement improvements? Oh, that would take effort. Trolling online takes no effort whatsoever!

The GIMP has a ton of great features, is constantly improving, and is never going to cost you money. It will just cost you a bit of your time to learn how to use it.


GIMP is incomplete without installing G'MIC

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G'MIC is a must have free plug-in suite.

While GIMP lacks much of the polish of Photoshop it is in every man's budget and ought be installed on every desktop with or without photoshop.

gmic screen shot of fandom

GIMP is rumored to be expanding layer blend modes.

Adobe has repeatedly ignored requests to add this functionality to their SDK.


Great alternative

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You will be amazed how awesome this software is. A lot of premium features simillar to phtoshop. ut it's totally free. So you can enjoy all this functionality and not pay money.

But it would be great to donate the cost of a premium coffee once to the project.


New version of GIMP rocks!

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I've just recently installed the new version of GIMP - 2.8, and I already love it. The previous 2.6 did what I wanted anyway. But this one does even more and in much smoother convenient way. 10 out of 10. Who needs to pay hundreds of bucks for PS now (except for those involved in professional pre-print routine)?

I use it in Windows and Linux and it works pretty much the same in either environment.

I beg to differ about 2.8, the work flow is messed up. With 2.8 when you open a photo, say a jpg, it is imported. When you get done with your edits you have to export it. If you want to export it to the same name there is no keyboard short cut for that action. After you export, "save", it and you close the window you have to deal with a popup that asks if you want to save changes. Bad work flow, bad user experience.

Saying that I have been happy with previous versions.


Best Free Program ever

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i love this program, i use everyday, it's very easy to use
i rate 9/10

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provides the Paths Tool Paths Tool on which drawings can be created with precision using a mouse device.

the process consists on creating the necessary lineart on that different than a SVG scalable graphics, it are scaled the document with the Paths Tool focusing on re-paint canvas on bottom to the lineart's at higher resolutions;


Gimp 2.9.2 Development Version is awesome !

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Gimp 2.9 version is not for professionals ! but if you love gimp you might give it a try !
it comes with these feature !

  • 16/32bit per color channel processing.
  • Basic OpenEXR support.
  • On-canvas preview for many filters.
  • Experimental hardware-accelerated rendering and processing via OpenCL.
  • Higher-quality downscaling.

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GIMP will always have a terrible user interface

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The people who make GIMP are completely clueless about how to design a user interface. You would think that after 16 years of complaints, they'd get a clue, but they don't.

Version 2.8 finally fixes the multiple window idiocy, but it also introduces even more problems. Now when you scroll a zoomed-in image, your processor chokes and it dumps garbage to the screen, moving very slowly. It's now easier to make a brush that's 500-10,000 pixels wide (which nobody ever wants), but it's more difficult to make a brush 5 pixels wide. If you want to save an image in any format except XCF (which nobody ever uses), you now have to "export" it, jumping through extra hoops to do what a single Ctrl+S does in every other program on earth.

The developers think this is making the program more "professional", but it's really just making it more stupid. I wish someone with some sense would take the guts out of the GIMP and give it a real user interface (and without the stupid unprofessional name).

so true!

It's not an unprofessional name, nor is it stupid just because you think it is. I'm afraid if someone did that, they'd make it a horrible, ugly, mac-like interface that would completely deter me from ever using it again. I've had enough of crappy interfaces & I love the interface for GIMP except for the saving/exporting issue. There's really nothing else that is a big problem

GIMP is indisputably an unprofessional name.

I must admit GIMP had a little GUI rebrush in the last 4 years. Feels better than '95 Microsoft Paint now but it is not even close to what photoshop or even can do. And let's face it, can do more than GIMP...a web app is BETTER than GIMP. Maybe the divs should stop working on GIMP.

completely clueless

Pot calling the kettle black.

jumping through extra hoops

GIMP > preferences > keyboard shortcuts

There are customization options. Have you not found whining to be counterproductive yet?

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Closest Alternative to Adobe Photoshop but Doesn’t support CMYK

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Find name of few other software that has features similar to filters in gimp.

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It is fantastic, lots of filters, layers etc


OK but...

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It's fine if you don't mind a crappy interface

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Yes really, the toolbox is gone, CTRL+B doesn't work to bring it back, cannot find any menu item that brings it back. Now searching the web about how to bring it back. I feel amazed. ... Eventually by chance clicked "Tool Options" instead of "Toolbox", which worked.


Not bad but not nearly a good as photoshop

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People online say this program is as good as photoshop. Maybe it is for some but I find it to be lacking in the features I need. If your budget is next to none then this is a reasonable alternative but if you have the budget go for photoshop.


This is one piece of crap, that I will never ever touch again!

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I'm usually very forgiving of apps, specially open source apps. I myself am a promoter of the open source idea, and I have some software developing experience. I know that people working on open source software are actually, contributing their time and resources to a greater cause. I do appreciate their effort. But honesty, there is no other way for me to express this, but "Gimp really sucks!" It specially sucks on Mac. everything about this app is clunky and awkward, specially the user interface. It's slow, confusing, and none native. The platform independence is a myth about this app, which is quite understandable, considering the limited number of resources and personal available to develop and maintain such a piece of mess.

Gimp is one of many open source software that has sacrificed dedication to achieve generalization. It seems Gimp developers insist on tying Gimp strictly to X11 and GTK, in order to accomplish the goal of platform independence. This is a trade off, giving away user friendliness, dedication, and performance, in order to reach a greater audience, ouch!

Gimp is too complicated and over complicated. I remember a famous quote from Einstein-"If you can't explain it simply , you don't understand it well enough." Simplicity is a novelty in an app. The translation of that in computer world would be: if a user using your app can't accomplish complicated task through simple straight forward steps, then your app is not a user friendly app, rather it's a complicated machine friendly app.

Gimp is a nice idea that hasn't been thought-out good enough. It maybe a nice app on linux, but it's a crap that should be avoided on other platforms. I've been using it for over 3 years now, although lately I've been only using it occasionally as a reference, and still it feels as awkward and awful as it was the first time I used it. I don't think I will use Gimp ever again for professional image editing or painting.

Trust me, if you are one of the 95% non Linux users on the planet, don't waste your time on this big Hype, save yourself the headache, and try something else. If you are a Windows user, I'd recommend, if you are a Mac user and want to spare a few bucks to get a quality app, I'd recommend Pixelmator. Although they appear to be abandoned projects but it might be useful to check out Pinta, Seashore and MyPaint too.

I have some software developing experience

but you would rather bitch than pitch in help?

Not so easy. Developers have quality control and set their own coding standards. Most contributions from outside developers are rejected anyway, because they do not follow these standards. To pitch in help requires extensive knowledge of the existing code base and would practically entail becoming a full-time developer.