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I love it. Powerful. Customizable. Free. Owned and supported by a community.

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I love that app. Highly recommend for power users.


  • Free
  • No ads
  • Owned and supported by a community, instead of a corporation
  • More secure because code is available for review at https://sourceforge.net/projects/ghostcommander/
  • Navigate easily
  • Dual-pane
  • Navigate root/superuser (su)
  • Change file permission attributes or owners (chmod/chown)
  • Navigate various external storages. Such as USB key, flashdrive, FTP, (with plug-in).
  • Execute shell commands (busybox required)
  • Create or extract ZIP archives
  • Left-handed or right-handed users
  • Support hotkeys based on phone hardware physical keys
  • Plug-ins available. Such as SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV, Windows network shares, BOX
  • Various themes
  • Writing access to external SDcard. Via MediaStore perspective.
  • And many more features

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Reliable, lots of options (sftp etc). Cumbersome at first, efficient and safe then.


I love this app.

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If you know what a dual-panal file manager is, you probably will too.

Lets you specify and external editor for the 'edit' command, but the internal one is good enough for basic text manipulation or viewing.

As of this posting, it doesn't support FTPS, unfortunately, but it's still being actively developed, so hopefully...


It supports sftp via a free plugin

That's correct!.. It's got plugins and for Google Drive, too; with which it's possible to upload folders, btw. :)