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Tried downloading this software and windows defender stopped it, detecting it as malware.

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Abandoned in Alpha. No updates since 2015.
I installed it and indexed 16 000 files. (3-4 hours) making my PC unusable for that period since it requires a lot of resources. It assigned some irrelevant (even wrong) tags.
Search does not support exclusion, not even the OR operator, only the AND operator. Lacks tag administration.
Keeps running in the background to catch updates.
I uninstalled it after one day.


Still in alpha stage

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The software looks nice and promising. But...

I fill it with 7658 files and then add some custom tags on 2 files. I was unable to see the tagged files when I search for the tag. After that the application started to crash and each time I start it again it crash again.

I was on Windows 7 pro SP1 64 bits.

It use a SQLite 3 database that is a good thing. A nice function will be to be able to specify the path of it to share it between computers.