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All this just to post a review? Geemail -- not ready for prime time

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I absolutely adore the software named Mailplane that's unfortunately only available on OSX. Periodically I search for other software to do this, previously on Windows, now on Linux as I've swapped my desktop. I downloaded and installed first Adobe Air (which I had no need for, before) and then Geemail, and took the option to run the program as soon as install was finished. It then hung, frozen, till I killed it about 15 minutes later. A few minutes after that I launched it by clicking on the desktop icon, and logged in to a different account. This was successful, but showed me that the program doesn't even implement the basic functionality that the web interface had 2-3 revisions ago.

When I saw that 90% of my messages were listed as 'no subject', there was no difference (that I could detect) between read and unread messages in the inbox view, and when I did read a message I could not find anywhere on the screen a button to click to move to the next message - more or less recent -- I removed the program from my system.

If it had had this basic functionality, I probably would have kept it, even tho it is NOT doing the core function that I want, which is to keep track of multiple email accounts at the same time.

Nice colors, nice fonts. I didn't find a way to customize either, but I wasn't looking that hard for that.

I might be interested in looking at it again when it's version 2+ rather than the 1.0 it claims on it's splash page.