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Simple and safe when "cleaning " afterwards.

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I will start with a question; What is more important to you? A perfect deep clean that will remove every single solitary trace of the program you uninstall or a safe less accurate cleaning that will not mess anything up? Nowadays the hard drives are huge, even the smallest, so traces like orphaned registry entries or small files, even if left behind they take up a tiny fragment of the whole hard drive, so to me I know the most important is something more safe. If you are looking for a deep cleaning uninstaller, you are looking at the wrong application.

Revo seems to still hold the crown, but I can't tell why. My main problem is not all the locked features it has, although the lack of 64bit uninstallation is bad in an age where almost all application have a 64bit flavor. The main problem I had with was that it twice ruined my computer by probably removing what it should not.

Geek uninstaller does not seem to be the perfect solution when it comes to cleaning, but at least it cleans only what is safe. I have been using it on tons of computers and it is just great. The only thing it lacks is the batch uninstallation of programs, but to be 100% honest it only saves a bit of time. I love the simplistic look of Geek Uninstaller and since it gained my trust it replaced the native Windows Uninstaller 100%

The reasons I am not using IObit Uninstaller is it's deep clean feature and that even it is a portable application it does install itself in the system, along with a real time scanner that detects when you uninstall stuff. The deep clean is actually a feature that can kill computers if something goes wrong. I know it is just an option, but people like cleaning stuff as much as possible and since I share this program with people I visit, I did not like that option. Even if you tell someone "don't use it" they are bound to eventually tick it. After a it works they will just tell you "Oh I used it and it cleaned my computer perfectly with no problems!" .. yeah, no. Also I do not like that it gets installed and darn, a real time scanner. I do not like having apps running in my background for every single thing.

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Exactly my experience and advise! Thanks!

Not so geek after all

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By using word geek a person expects something that's understandable/usable only by nerds (something way more advanced than a commoner can use).

But that's not the case for this uninstaller:

  • simple - double click on an item to uninstall it (you will be asked so don't worry about missclicking)
  • has a clean interface (just icons and apps names of them, no bloat)
  • shows what you only want to see (no more scroling trough pages of Microsoft Visual Redistributables)
  • groups items (10 updates for net framework? no worries, you'll see them in group so you can know what to ignore)
  • super intuitive (it doesn't take 5 seconds to figure out whole interface)
  • it removes the trash (aplications tend to leave some things even after removal, it will help them)
  • native x64

I can gladly recommend this program for any user.
It can have though a bit too little for administrative use.

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Free, Portable and Good for exporting list of installed programs with install date.

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pro version has linked to crystallidea uninstall tool :)

try to buy PRO. wtf?

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Perfect, portable and clean everything.


Not good

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Leaves lots of traces, even obvious ones in the file system. Doesn't seem to be much different than the standard Windows utility.