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Huge on Mac

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Mac version needs 178 MB on disk. This is a text editor!


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It's okay, but not great.

  • As an overall GUI text editor, Kate is much more robust. It is much more configurable--a.o., Kate has Vim-keybinding out of the box while in gedit I haven't even been able to find it as a plug-in; and Kate has the option to edit colour schemes within its Preferences, as opposed to editing .xml files like for gedit colour schemes. Gedit also has some filetype recognition issues--I regularly use Markdown markup, and gedit doesn't recognize this and I have to manually select it out of the huge filetype list to get the syntax highlighting; Kate automatically recognizes it and applies the correct syntax highlighting.

  • As for using it as an IDE, (out-of-the-box at least), geany is much better-equipped for that, without having to use/install plugins.

All in all, gedit is okay. It is the standard for many non-KDE linux distros, and some other text editors look like it (LeafPad, xed) and can interchange gedit's .xml colour scheme files. Gedit also has some options in its Preferences that make it easy to use for editing source code (but again, I wouldn't call it an IDE...), like highlighting matching brackets, displaying a right margin at a (configurable) column, etc.

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  • simple lightweight beginner friendly IDE yet it has some quite useful functions
  • terminal access
  • support for many languages