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Great Software for manage your colection.

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The best software for managing your colection of movies, photos or everythin... Very Simple to use.
It's a shame it was discontinued.

O melhor programa para organizar suas coleções de filmes, fotos e o que mais vc preferir. É possível catalogar por data, preferencia, atribuir uma nota, etc.
É uma pena ter sido descontinuado, porém continuo usando.


Folder Import function does not work

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Tried to import my Movie Folder like i did with EMDB.
The App just make a list of "Movie - IMDB" x times and not even one was named correcty :P
Maybe it works on Apple but it does not on Windows...
Can't rate down this app so i need to post a negative comment about it :/


For what is GCstar? Is a stupid software, and poor documented.

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I have installed for the first time Where Is It on my PC.
After 1 minute I have had realized my first record in a CD catalogue.

I have tried to use GCstar, believing that is better than WhereIsIt.
After 1 hour I didn't succeeded to do the same thing.

My conclusion: or the software is a stupidity realized by pupils without talent,or is bad documented.

Why effort for a stupid software?