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I have tried a lot of Analytics services in my time, from Google Analytics to GoSquared and everything inbetween but none of those have been quite right for a number of diffrent reasons, but all that changed when i stumbled across on one of my wild adventures on the internet to discover the latest and greatest services out there.

Before i begin this review i would like to say that has had a rough life and now someone has taken it on who can care for it, it's only going to get better... started life as a product from the wonderful guys at Ordered List, they were then aquired by GitHub which were unable to give it the love it deserved and eventually sold it on to FastestForward where it has since been nurtured back to health.

Dashboard is an incredibly attractive but minimalist service which is easy to use and comes with everything for your analytics needs and nothing more.


The dashboard greets you with a general overview of your total views, people and which of your content was the most popular as well as where your visitors came from to get to your website (referrals).


Next comes the live data or AirTraffic view that shows you what country and sometimes (where data is available) which reigon your visitors are from in realtime. This is especially handy as it eventually can show you where in the world your content is viewed the most which is viewable in the GeoLocation tab.


One of the more interesting and unique features offers is the browser support tab which when a visitor visits your website, their browser is send back to and from there is able to work out the features that the browser supports to build up a snapshot of the features you can and are better of not supporting (at least for now).

I highly recommend to someone looking for a reliable analytics solution but best of all is their incredible team of passionate people that geniunely care about the service (which is not something you come across all that often).


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[Edited by nblackburn, June 01]