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Good, but need to put more details.

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I am a light user, not a project manager.
and I have used this software for personal project.

Here are what I have felt about GanttProject.


  • Keyboard friendly : can do many things with keyboard without using mouse.
  • Easy to Use : Learing curve is very low in my opinion.
  • Clean design : may not beautiful UI but neat and clean.
  • Work very smooth and stable
  • Open Source


  • Duration, Can not be set a duration less than a day.
    there are so many requests about this feature on the forum,
    but the developer seems not interested in adding "hour" duration.

As a light user using this for only personal project,
This software is very very good.
but if the developer would add hour based duration,
It would be much better than now.


Thanks for sharing your feedback!

@ sanghoonpark @TheWorld
The duration less than a day (MISSING) "feature" is a total and utter dealbreaker.

It has been debated/requested/IGNORED for over 12 years, as follows:-

GanttProject / Feature Requests / #34 Hour/Minutes/Seconds granularity of task duration

Currently, this follows on at:-

Duration in hours · Issue #225 · bardsoftware/ganttproject

Why on earth anyone/everyone would NOT want tasks with a duration of LESS THAN A DAY is beyond me.

Bye, Bye GanttProject --- dead in the water --- before I give it any more of my "time" and "effort"!

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GanttProject is free for any purposes, including commercial use. No license fees, so why it has been registered as Commercial licence?!
Please accept my change about the pricing


Latest 2.8.2 (Feb '17)

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It does not appear to be dead... only a little slow ;)

Great software, though. You can get it working on a USB key, which is a plus for me.

It can open MS Project files and .CSV files.