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Nice and unobtrusive

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This is a great little tool if you are looking for an alternative to all the other game hub applications which are overloaded with millions of features you don't need, centralized services you don't want, and try to take over your system.

Gameplay Time Tracker does exactly and reliably what it says in the title, nothing more and nothing less. What I think is the best feature by far is that it stays out of your way. If you install it and have it start automatically with your system, it will track your game playing time discreetly in the background without ever bothering you. You can forget that it's even there. Then, when you want to check out the tracked times and statistics, you open up the GUI from the system tray and it's all there for you to browse and analyse. The statistics look nice, you can choose from different renderings (pie charts, tables, histograms) and apart from play time the tool also tracks some other interesting statistics like mouse mileage and key presses.

There is a little game launcher which automatically adds shortcuts to all the detected games, which you can then categorise and use to run the games. It's there if you want it, and has a nice system tray launcher; but it's completely optional. Tracking works no matter where you start your games from.

The detection of games is quite reliable. It's based mainly around detecting full-screen DirectX and OpenGL applications, with some predefined exceptions like video players. You can manually add games that weren't detected automatically (even browser games), and blacklist fullscreen applications that you don't want tracked. There are also a nice number of other customization options, like user-profiles and popup notifications.

I think it could use some optimisation in terms of CPU cycles, but it's not as bad as to noticeably slow down your system, and the memory footprint is quite small. I never had it crash or fail. And another big advantage is that, unlike some similar applications, it doesn't need to phone some centralized server. It all runs locally and independently on your own system. If a game playing time tracker sounds like something you could find interesting, give this one a try.