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i was searching for good 2D game engine ,i try game maker from year 2000 when it was free until now , i try most of 2D engines , i can say this one is the best one ever !!! very easy and clear , the developer make improvements very fast , always removing bugs , and all this for free ,give it a try ...


Super easy!

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Wanna make games, but don't want to spend years learning code? Don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on Game Maker, RPG Maker, or other expensive software? You've come to the right place! Gdevelop has amazing features and tools, to make your 2D-2.5D games come true! Your games can go on Mobile too! The community is SUPER nice too! Lots of examples and tutorials to get ya started. And the Events and Actions are very flexible. You're never "limited" to make certain types of games. And with more and more updates making it even better, the possibilities are endless!