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Autodesk Fusion 360 Reviews

My first real foray into 3D design... and not a bad choice!

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A friend requested that I turn a couple pieces of my line art into medallions via Shapeways. Having come from a background in two-dimensional design (primarily in Adobe Illustrator and other Creative Suite apps) I found myself utterly clueless about how to make the jump into the third dimension. Fortunately, a friend recommended Autodesk Fusion 360. With a little help from the convenient tutorials and online reference, I managed to get the task done without too many curse words, which is quite the personal feat! Having broken the 3D barrier, I found my mind racing with possibilities, and now it's hard to peel myself away from playing around with every idea that comes to mind. The clean interface keeps me from getting too overwhelmed (unlike my attempts to give Blender a go). The ability to bash together a quick sketch, model parametrically, then pop back and forth in the timeline to revise and rebuild, means I can actually improvise on designs and rapidly refine to a workable, printable design. I really wish some of these features were in Illustrator, now!

Short form: I installed for the quick intro to 3D, and I stayed for the depth of functionality. Newbies, fear not!


Its good and bad at the same time

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Good Parts

  • Its free for hobbyist who make less than $100k a year
  • Its free for students
  • It has most of the common AutoInventor-like features
  • Does basic animations as well if needed for part assemblies

Bad Parts

  • Has some weird file system that forces you to upload everything, very confusing at times
  • No fancy calculations, just modelling and meshes

if you want to do 3d printing this program gets job done