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Disadvantage of Funambol: No sync of GMail-contacts together with Activesync

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Funambol for Windows Mobile is very good to synchronize contacts between Windows Mobile and multiple Outlook installations. Also synchronizing Gmail contacts with Windows Mobile is possible.
In Windows Mobile the contacts, which came from GMail, have the category "source:Google".
In the case of synchronizing GMail contacts with Windows Mobile you cannot sync the Windows Mobile contacts using ActiveSync 4.5 with a desktop Outlook 2003, otherwise you get the ActiveSync error 86000107, which you only can get away by deleting the partnership on both sides and create a new partnership.


Sync GMail Contacts & files with Windows Mobile

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I like Funambol very much to synchronize my Google contacts with the Outlook contacts on Windows Mobile, which are synced per ActiveSync with a Microsoft Exchange Server.
It is easier to edit the Google contacts on the Desktop than the tiny Windows Mobile contacts.
The user interface is also available in German and many other languages.
When logging in to Funambol you are asked to specify the type of your SmartPhone.

http://my.funambol.com Home => My Funambol Portal => my phone => HTC P6500 => Mobile Download

A SMS will be sent to the client on the P6500 with a download link for the appropriate CAB file.
However, after installation with this method I got an error message:

"Installation failed. The program or setting cannot be installed because it is not digitally signed with a trusted security certificate"

The following method of installation of Funambol has been successful:

Download from http://funambol.softonic.de/windowsmobile (without installing advertising toolbars)

After installation you can select, if you only want to sync the Gmail-contacts or also the **Gmail ** -calendar and Gmail -Mails with the calendar and mails on the Windows Mobile Device.

I clearly prefer Funambol to ActiveSync or WMDC (Windows Mobile device Center):

  • In difference to ActiveSync Funambol has no problem to sync more than 2 or 3 desktop and mobile devices.
  • It is not necessary to use cables for syncing devices
  • With Funambol it is easier to set up the syncing of a new computer or mobile device
  • It is not necessary to use Outlook on a desktop computer, you can access the contacts also online with funambol or the e-mails with GMail.
  • But if you use Outlook on several computers all Outlook installations are synced very comfortable and perfectly.
  • Funambol can sync files and photos between the WM device and dropbox as an Alternative to Cloudfiles , what is not possible with Outlook.