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Hangs whenever I click the Review button

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During the course of 25 days since I started using it I have collected 545 items in 28 categories. I worked with FullRecall successfully and I like it very much. It is small, fast and to the point. Unfortunately, after these 25 days, unexpectedly, it started to hang whenever I click the Review button or any of the Grade buttons. One of the CPU's cores goes to 100% load and this does not end until I kill the application. This happens sporadically, but frequently enough so that it is no longer possible to work with this tool. All other functions do work: adding items, arranging categories, searching, editing, etc., except the review process, which is its main purpose. With regret I am switching to another similar tool. This is my experience of using FullRecall version 1.5.3 on Windows XP SP3. Please, beware.


I contacted the author and he replied:
"The only thing I remember that could make up a problem like that is
sticking items into a loop. Sticking items is perphaps the most
experimental and least tested function, so... I would copy database to
another folder, remove all ' sstick="*"' references in elements.xml
file and then start FullRecall on that copy and try out if the problem
I removed all the ' .stick="\d+"' references and FullRecall is working now without a hitch.
The idea of sticking items is good, just one should be conscious so to not create loops.