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Why Fuduntu blows away all the *ubuntu and Co. Distros

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First, I worked a long time with the Ubuntu family (+K/X/L) and tried other linux distributions as well. All the new versions of Ubuntu slow down older PCs, many really helpful features are missing (dual screen with high resolution on Unity3D, session saving) and makes it unproductive. Older versions are no longer supported, so one have to upgrade his OS. On 12.04+ my 64bit system with 4GB memory crashed regularly, no way to fix this. So I went through the net and searched for a solid linux distribution, but CentOS was little bit too far away from a desktop distribution. Luckily I found Fuduntu and from the beginning (installation) it runs like a charm, fast and stable, it has a clean and elegant look (customizable of course) and has all my desired features and is in my eyes extremely. No worry about future support, because it has rolling updates. The community around Fuduntu is nice and helps pretty fast if you're in trouble. So try the step towards this distro, it will pay off very quickly. Nice work!