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I used to use Novell's NetDrive on Windows XP, but then for some reason in Windows 7 it would just throw an error, "can't start netdrive service WebDriveFSD... blocked".

Although I can access an FTP address as a folder in Windows, I really needed a drive letter, so I could use some other tools to access the SD memory card of my Android device (which since Android 4.* does not allow the memory cards to be mounted as mass storage, just as the crap MPT).

So I made a little search for a free application, and found FTPUse, and it worked immediately. I can now see my phone's memory card as a drive letter in Windows, via wi-fi and and FTP server running on the phone.

Not super-fast - I guess that will also depend on the network, of course - but it's OK. I will try with other FTP servers (on the phone) and see if I find one that's faster.