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A great alternative for those of us who want to steer clear of Google. I use Fruux to sync all my calendars and contacts to my phone using DavDroid, and it works amazingly well!


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I have switched to Fruux as an alternative to Google Calendar looking for a more privacy focused solution.
Beside being light-years away in terms of usability / design / features, I have recently contacted support 2 times asking how to change my email address, which is currently not possible from the account dashboard.
I did not get any single reply, not even a "I am sorry it is not possible" or a confirmation that a ticket was created, any signal, nothing.
How can you trust a company with your data, especially when pictured as a more privacy-focsed alternative to Google Calendar if they do not even reply to support request?

I am heading right-away to another alternative and will avoid this company from now on.
I just hope I will manage to get my account deleted.


What alternative did you pick? I'm curious! Thank you.

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Avoid them, they do not sync with Google Contacts and they do support only two devices for the free accounts.