FreshMail Reviews

Amazing Template Quality

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Compared to its competitors, FreshMail has some of the best templates. They truly look professionally crafted and are very pleasant to look at. When you create a newsletter with one of the templates you will instantly have a distinguishable and unique newsletter.

Great customer service combines to make this product a must for anyone engaging in email marketing that does not require massively complex data manipulations.


Stunning email templates and best customer support

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FreshMail is very user friendly, simple to use and keeps workflow well organized.

It has pretty nice email templates along with great drag&drop method to edit them.

Lists of subscribers are easy segment for better targeting, including the option of creating a segment for people who have/have not opened the email or clicked/not clicked a link.

FreshMail offers widely developed reporting system. You can check who clicked on what in a newsletter and track the whole actions history of each recipient. Reports are easy to read visually and data is very understandable. Unfortunately reports on campaigns only have data on individual subscribers - if the campaign was sent to more that one list/segment, there is no way to see which list/segment had a better response rate.

FreshMail has some of the best customer support I have ever encountered. Their techs go above and beyond to help solve whatever problem you are facing.