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Used to use Freemake Download almost exclusively.
All the features i used were free free free.. Now with a recent update, the only 1 or two features i used, EXCLUSIVELY are locked behind a paywall..

I will be looking to download an older version of the software to bypass their abrupt change, which came with ZERO NOTIFICATION. If using an older version will not solve my issue. Im off of freemake, and I will be 100% sure to tell every single person I know, and can reasonably reach and convince to never support this software.

Its not the cost, its the fact that they took a free feature then locked it behind a paywall with ZERO communication.


Buggy and sluggish

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Downloads frequently fail with errors that make no sense and go away if the download is simply restarted.

Overall this program is slow and the interface freezes up regularly.

It has a nice unfinished downloads recovery feature, but that one often does not work so you should not close the program until all downloads are complete.

The installer comes with lots of optional adware.