They are not transparent and not fair, avoid them!

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After a long discussion with the support team, I was not told why they refused to pay my employee. They only referred to a "security issue".
My employee waited for weeks for her money to arrive, and finally Freelancer decided not to transfer the money to her. At this point I have already paid her salary to my Freelancer account, so it was a very unpleasant situation.
Freelancer claimed that they transferred all the money back to my card, which was not true, since the amount I got back was 18% less than what they charged me earlier. When I asked them to explain how exactly they calculated the amount to return, their only reply was to wait a few more days, the money will arrive soon. That was more than a month ago.
My impression is the Freelancer is not transparent, not fair, they only focus on their profits.
Avoid them if you can.


Chaotic invoicing and milestone generation, unfair payouts

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I used the site as an employer for 4 weeks. I've found a good assistant and she did the job well. offers you the milestones function to protect the employee, which basically means that they charge the employer ahead of time of the completion, and they release the funds when both parties agree that that part of the job was done. Theoretically it is good, but I was surprised that they kept generating new milestones with the same amount as before, although I did not agree that there will another milestone. I got extra charge that way.

The job was completed on the 6th of October, 2016. I did a review of the payments by comparing the data available for me and for my employee (bank statements, invoices, milestones), but they just didn't add up. After deducting the 10% commission of, there were small differences between the charged values on my card and the received amount on my employee's freelances account, the milestones charged slightly more, etc. A few dollars here and there, no big deal, but still, a little disturbing. states that when you first ask for transfer of funds as an employee to your bank account/paypal, you need to wait 15 days "for security purposes". My employee wanted to get their money right after the completion on 6th of October, so she initiated her money request. On the 25th she got an e-mail that the transfer is on hold, and I also got one that I need to do some extra security checks in order to release the money for her. (Keep in mind that my card was charged way before the 6th of October.) This is of course not their fault, they just need to make sure I comply for the Australian law (despite the fact that we are both European).

This is where we are now, hopefully it gets all sorted out really soon.


DON'T ever use if you not aware of their hiding program.

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I've used freelancer for hire freelancer for projects i have, the general is if u have award a freelancer to do the job, and create milestone, then u direct to the payment window ( paypal, credit card ).

Then if u happy with the job, YOU can release the payment for the freelancer.

On the last projects i've posted, all of them, i cancelled from some reasons, some reasons was cause not much offers, or not many freelancer accepet the job.

When i check my paypal account i see freelancer was charge me for those canceled projects.




I will never use freelancer again, not with this "hiding" charged. not with this kind of behavor.



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I especially do not like the interface of this platform, but I consider this a good one in total. Of course, there are many other freelance websites like the or peopleperhour or guru , which You can use. I myself use the , becasue of better rates, and a great support.


Work great

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I have used this service after 2 weeks work like a charm.
About service charge, you should be beware recurring payment.
They charge everything if you want more option like highlight, seal, etc. So you should be considering before click anything
I recommend you should use Paypal for payment better be safe if you worry about payment.

The Pro
They offer to get free premium service for 1 month which another freelancer service not even offer any free service to you at all
Strong community can drive more sell and support your work

The Cons
Really hard to pass high score exam even in level 1. It does not look like level 1 anyway
I have been testing some skills which I have experienced more than 5 years but can not get 100% pass mark.

For malware or danger things I have been checked with WOT, McAfee and Virustotal not see anything wrong.