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My favorite free OCR-tool for PDF=>DOC: Free File Converter

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*Free File Converter is my favorite free OCR-tool for generating high-quality formatted doc-files from .pdf

Free File Converter and OCR-Terminal have a much better OCR-Result than OCR Convert and both are able to produce a word-document formatted with 2 or 3 rows and correct positioning of space for pictures in a multi-row document.
The only disadvantage of OCR-Terminal is the compulsory registration and limitation of max. 20 pages / month in the free version, whereas OCR-Convert and Free File Converter have no page-limitation and no compulsory registration. OCR-Convert is able to convert 5 files in one procedure, but cannot produce formatted doc-files with more than one row, only txt-files with low quality OCR-result. The only limit of using Free File Converter for converting pdf to word is a max. file size of 300MB. But this is large enough in most cases.


you can try this free online pdf ocr to convert pdf to txt file online.

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