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FreeCAD is a bit tricky to learn. However, once you start to overcome the challenge of the less than intuitive setup, you'll find the software is really not that bad.

Mostly I use it to create solid models for 3D printing. I export an STL file from FreeCAD and this works great.

Personally, I'll continue to invest the time and effort to try and learn to use FreeCAD because the bit that I have accomplished so far indicates this may be a very powerful program.

I will agree with the other comment, the shortcomings are a pain, but YouTube videos and some serious effort to experiment will get you off the starting line.


I have to say, after having used a couple of other...

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After having used a couple of other CAD programs, I've never had a more frustrating experience than with FreeCAD.
I have rarely seen such an unintuitive interface.
There are also plenty of irritating bugs, like undo commands that don't actually undo the last operation.

After trying the 0.17 development version, I have to say there has been some improvement. Commands have overall a more predictable behavior.

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FreeCAD is Open Source, and very capable software. With it one can design complex models, including prints, etc. Steep learning curve aside, this is a solid program, and I enjoy the process of learning all its features.

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Frustrating at first, I couldn't agree more, learning curve is huge, but all CAD software is like that IMO, but this software if great, a lot of care has went into it, and given time, and some research of packages you can add, and you have a solid foundation to build, I love this software now, and use it as my daily driver.

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Open source valuable software.
I believe it s because of this kind of software people will begin to understand how stupid paying hundreds of dollars for commercial apps is.

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Its Free/Libre and opensource and powerful.

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This incompetent piece of crapware is barely able to fillet a 2D shape.