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Seems to work well

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Converted FLAC to mp3 without any issues.
But be warned - it tries to install A LOT of bloatware if you're not careful! Make sure you choose 'Custom install' when installing - otherwise you'll end up with Conduit search engine and God knows what else!

Also, the programmes don't show up in the start menu.


Great program for simple tasks! Downloads and converts flawlessly.
Downloaded after a friend's recommendation about three years ago, don't want to switch to anything else as the programs never have any problems at my computer.
They have additional third-party offers during the installation which as far as i understand give them all the income, so i don't mind at all.


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This software is brillant! Real high quality and FREE! The best I have ever come across! It helps me download and convert youtube videos, record skype calls and download directly from the browser!! Good job!


Free Studio: very large collection of free and useful programs

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Free Studio is the largest collection of free and useful programs I have ever tried. Before I discovered it I used many different programs, each with different purposes, someone with limited functionality too. Now I no longer have to search around the web to find the software I need and I have all the programs in my language too (Italian), as Free Studio is located in more than 10 languages.

Of course, there is some defect, such as the minimal interface and some insistence to install the toolbar, but is a little thing.


A lot of these programs are functions taken from Freemake softwares, that is an all-in-one program!

So I switched to Freemake Video Converter :) even if it's only in English.

Now Freemake Video Converter is multilanguage too!!!

Added the localization to Italian, Dutch, Danish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese Traditional, Greek, Russian.