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I do use evorim firewall in almost every windows system I have. It has potential to become a solid firewall. But d current version needs serious care from devs. It crashes time to time. It malfunctions if you install new program . It also shows blank interface if you use your machine continuously for a long time or install new software which tries to connect to internet. But there is really an easy fix. You just have to restart evorim firewall to fix it. Just quit d firewall & kill d firewallsvc.exe process. Hereafter, reopen d program that's it.

Great program nonetheless. It's easy to use,flexible & doesn't touch firewall rules. The last one is really important. Many firewall may screw your system even if you uninstall it, evorim won't. Evorim uses sciter64.dll to do its work. That's crafty. The software is still in its infancy as a dormant beast.Hope it will be developed furthermore.

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