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Best Playstation Emulator Android App

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This is a great PlayStation one emulator app. It works great with no slowdowns on my HTC one. Basically it is like this:

  1. you need to download or rip a bios file from the PlayStation one. Googling "bios file psx 1" will probably get you what you need.

  2. rip your psx games into a .iso, .bin, or .img file (not sure if it supports others) onto your pc and place it in an easy to find folder. I use ES File Explorer app to manage my android directories and files.

  3. Set up the emulator to load up the games from that folder.

  4. touch the game to play it or load it from the menu and it will work just fine. If it doesn't you can try different video modes and settings.

Emulators require a bit more work than an actual physical PlayStation 1 but hey that's because it is all in a digital format.
The convenience of having ps1 everywhere you go is worth it in my opinion. I also find playing with settings and making games look better and better on my android.